GENEX is a scaffolding manufacturer founded in 1993 with the aim of producing a line of composite scaffoldings made of fibreglass and nylon-reinforced structural joints with a distinctive design and high-level technical specifications.

Today, GENEX scaffolds are widely used around the world – particularly where maintenance operations are conducted according to extremely strict regulations – and are considered a leading reference point for their performances.

Key Features

  • A composite material designed to offer the best performances when a specific work environment is subject to severe safety regulations.

  • Fibreglass is the ideal material to be used in many civil and industrial applications, thanks to its high specific mechanical strength (in terms of strength/weight ratio) and chemical inertness, as well as its non-corrosive and non-conductivity features – and it doesn’t need maintenance.

  • The company mission is to combine performance with rationality, seeking technological solutions to ensure a wide functionality.

  • The design team is able to comply with every detail the customers’ technical requirements, in full compliance with the current safety regulations.

  • An added value is represented by the method and professionalism we offer in response to our customers’ requests, together with the awareness of offering a unique product.


Tel. 0464 485046
Sales Office:
Via Caproni, 7
38068 Rovereto (TN)

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